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I KNOW what I was FEELIN.... [entries|friends|calendar]

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[11 Aug 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Do you ever feel like your heart has just been torn out and ripped away...bc i do right now.. I hate crying... i hope these next 5 months go by fast.. he just left and i cannot bare it.. i love him so much.. before he left he came over this morning and gave me a beatiful white gold necklace with a diamond charm on it.. he is absolutely wonderful... everything i have ever wanted.. if anything happens to him i dont know what i will do.. all i can do is pray togod to send him back safe to me.. and i hope the dear lord will grant my prayer and wish... i never thought i would care about someone so much as i do now...i am absolutely head over heals for him.. he understands me so well.. he brings a smile to my face when everything is so wrong.. he is that guy that lets everyone know that you are his and isnt afraid to say i love you infront o his friends.. i miss him soooo much.. god.. these next 5 months i know are gonna be long.. i just have to find some way to keep me busy..

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[06 Jun 2005|08:11pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

So it is now June.. a lot has happened..i would say i regret some of the things i have done but i was once told never regret... bc everything in life you do and what happens to you is for a reason.. God wanted you to travel down that path... maybe it wasn't the perfect path or the right path he laid out for you but it was one of his many paths if that makes in sense.. i think god gives us 3 paths the right path the in between path and the wrong path... but in the end no matter what path we take we learn something from it... i know since i have gotten up to savannah i have changed my views about somethings and done one or two things that i prolly would have never thought about doing when i was in jacksonville... it seems like up here though i can only find one or two steady friends.. life was so much easier down there to make friends it seemed.. maybe bc i grew up there.. up here it is so different.. i cant wait to start college.. i am hoping tomorrow i can find victory hall and not get lost so i can actually this time talk to them about everything i need to do.. classes start in august and i have been slacking.. i am so ready for college i am ready to meet people that want to actually do something with their life besides nothing... i mean i am not trying to say if you dont go to college bc you wont succeed bc i have many of people that i know that didnt go to college that have succeeded in life.. but io have seen the opposite side too.. the side where i see people struggling.. i dont want to struggle .. i wont to go to college and prepare myself.. although the people that struggle and make it i admire them... bc i believe that is them just showing us that they can be someone too..i dont know though.. i hope once i start college my life gets better.. bc i want to meet some people.. i miss my girls.. and guys.. i miss the crazy nights we all spent together.. haha like running from cops.. going around town yelling at people.. school 4.. haha all that stuff..i miss it.. i don't want to grow up missing out on al the fun.. and is it wrong to say i envy everyone in jax.. bc i do.. all my friends i envy.. bc they are still together...ahh i am so unhappy up here but then again i am not.. it is hard to explain...i guess it is too bc i havnt been anywhere really since i quit my job..bc i have no money.. and talking to everyone up at tubby's isnt as much.. i was hanging out with kory and all them but for some reason that has came to an end.. but w/e guys are weird.. i will never exactly figure them out just like guys prolly wont figure out us girls completely..but i'm out.. this is enough emo writing for the day.. miss you guys! xoxo

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[15 Mar 2005|05:27pm]
[ mood | amused ]

so i just want to say thank you to all you people that keep sending me these entertaining messages.. seriously they bring a smile to my face.. Because even though you dont like me.. you keep reading my live journal..and commenting.. so i mean i am on your mind..touching!! :)  but yet i dont get how you can sit there and say you are not worried about anyone elses lives then your own.. haha doesnt make sense.. if you didnt care.. then why would you read up on me.. and seriously you are not as big as you think bc you obviously couldnt say any of this crap you are talking to my face.. you had to wait till i was miles away.. not only that you leave fake names or you are just anonymous..so next time you want to talk crap and try to bring drama.. why dont you show some balls??? oh yeah and why dont you check up on the facts about me too.. i mean me being a hoe?? haha seriously.. how can i be a hoe.. i am still a virgin and i have morals... but w/e you can believe whatever you want.. bc it isnt going to bother me.. im just stating a fact for next time you try and talk crap about me.. so keep on reading..... much love xoxo

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[11 Mar 2005|03:55pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So if we take it slow.. then why do we end up getting mad at each other if we are not together?? why do we get jealous when we see eachother flirting with other people.. i dont get this whole "talking/dating" situation.. bc it is like you are going out yet not.. it is soo confusing and it causes so many mixed emotions... god.. am i an idiot.. last night we both pissed eachother off.. yet i think i know how i pissed you off.. and yeah i am sorry for all that... but you pissed me off too.. it is just i dont know.. how would you feel if that happened the other way around.. what would you think.. and i mean if i am right why you are pissed at me bc of the dj at tubbys it was nothing!! we were in the room and it was too loud for him to talk to the radio guy.. then we went to the cocktail station but he got no signal.. then we went outside of the cocktail station bc he could here and it worked.. nothing went on.. i was just going on the radio for a thing to makes tubbys seem to be the hit place to be that night.. i wish i could take all this crap that happened last night away.. i dont like all the tention that was between us.. it sucked.. im sorry..i guess we just need to let eachother know how we feel instead of holding them in sorta and letting them piss us off more.. i hope i am not an idiot.

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hmmmmm... [02 Mar 2005|11:22pm]
[ mood | weird ]

So lately I just feel like I am at some amusement park.... the reason being is bc I feel like I am trpt on a Roller Coaster and cannot get off.. so many things in my life are going up and down.. I wish it could just be up.. but everything everything you can think of in my life is going up down all around.. my emotions my home life.. EVERYTHING..one thing I wish is I could read certain people more.. I mean actually know how they feel and what they think.. life would be more simple if I could.. But I cannot do that talent that well.. so for all you people that can read through people well .. you suck.. I mean I can read certain people.. but when it comes to certain ones.. I am stumped...
So St Pattys day is coming up!! I cannot wait!! I have alot of friends from Jax coming up here.. It is going to be a blast.. I just have to get one thing and that is a fake.. so i can encounter certain places later on that night.. so if noone knows about the big party up here in savannah GA March the 17th you know now!! Riverstreet is gonna be awesome.. so come join us.. :) It is gonna be fantastic... But I think I am going to go now bc my room looks like a train wreck..

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[25 Feb 2005|05:59pm]
man i just wish i could be there for my friend right now. I wish I could help him so much.. but all i know to say is i am so sorry... and that i am always here if he needs me.. even if it isnt in person.. I am always here for him to talk to.. Noone needs to be going through what he is right now. I hope God takes care of him.. I know he is a strong guy and he will eventualy get through this but man.... when he told me the story i just started to cry .. it was so sad... so i mean i just know it is 18674354 xs worse for him. He is a great guy and he didnt deserve for one of his close friends to be taken away.. he has alrady had people close taken away from him.. so why again? that is all i want to know. why him? just everyone that has mortorcyles please be careful and wear all the protective gear.. you can never be too safe.. i would rather all yall be safe then sorry.. bc all of my friends mean so much to me. and whenever you hurt i hurt.. i dont like to see any of my friends going though a tough time.. but if they are i will always be there for you..
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[22 Feb 2005|12:50am]
one word......BUTTERFLIES!
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[19 Feb 2005|10:50am]
[ mood | noones rainin on my parade!!!! ]

life isnt so bad....... i guess once you sleep on things you understand alot more... it is crazy.. like they say "life is like a roller coaster you have your ups and downs" whoever said that was soo right! and i mean i need to stop worrying so much...and you know what i still love that butterfly feeling.. it is like whenever i think of that certain someone i get a smile..and i like that... that is the way it should be..if it was different things wouldnt be the same...so im over somewhat of my emo feeling...today is a brand new day and noone is gonna get me down.im in a wonderful mood.. so all you who want to spoil it. pshh you aint gonna rain and take my sunshine away..so go try it for someone else.it aint workin for me!! :) :) :) SMILE!!!




but i still miss my hometown!!

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[18 Feb 2005|10:08pm]

god i am begining to hate savnnah ga more and more.... whenever i think something is gonna get good for me it suddenly turns to shit. im so pissed.. im so sick of being my moms D.D. every Friday..when I want to go out I can't because I am too busy babysitting her ass.. I am friggin 18 I didnt come up here to babysit.. I came up here bc my life was supposivley suppose to be better but it isnt.. I miss all my friends.. I had something to do every night I never had a dull moment.. I feel like my mom is trying to turn me into her.. and i dont wanna be that.. I wanna be myself.. god i sound so pathetic.. I dont think I have felt this bad in a while.. but things happpen for a reason right? I dont know.. I miss everyone and everything about Jacksonville... and what makes me miss it more is that I am missing 2 of my best friends birthdays... today is Jessicas and tomorrow is Brittany's... and here I sit and I cant spend it with them.. and they are turning 18 ... I just feel like I should be there.. instead here I sit babysitting my mom and being bored.. i was suppose to go to the movies with this one guy but didnt happen bc of a "family outing" then this other guy the one that give me "butterflys" wanted to do something but nooo i was out with my mom said give me a call when that is done.. so i did and no answer..... god.. just my luck right? lets face it I am detined to be alone and why would I think that a guy could like me right.. I am soo not any guys type.. I hate this feeling....

I MISS MY HOMETOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :(

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mmmmmmmmmmmmbop! [16 Feb 2005|10:04pm]
hello everyone! :)

Well I am in a GRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEAAAAATTTTTTT mood! haha I have finally finished painting my room.. and i got the mirrors and everything up.. it looks good so far.. now i just have to finish getting other stuff to put in it..
But man on this one side of things I feel like a kid.. i can relate to one of my guy friends sooo much right now.. why is it that certain people give you these weird feelings inside that just give you butterflys in your stomach when you are around them or when you talk to them.. ahhh
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[12 Feb 2005|11:16pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I never thought i would be wanting to actually stay home on a weekend night.. but I am soo drained.. I have been up since 9 and I didnt got o bed till 5.. not to mention I had to take my mom to work at 8... so i only got like 3 1/2 hrs of sleep.. I have been running off that all day long.. and I had to work a double at work.. not to mention tonight we were busy.. my dogs are barkin on the real..

This girl at my moms work is such a bitch.. I cannot stand her.. Every guy I talk to in that friggin place she has to make some comment about my age.. "she's too young for you.. don't be messing with her".. err you beast I am not a friggin baby .. and they are not that much older then me.. pssh.. she is just mad bc she can't get that attention.. haha JK JK JK !

Oh yeah.. I got pulled over by a damn cop today.. ticked me off.. he said i didnt stop at a stop sign when i did... next time come to a complete stop.. you beast i did.. next time i will just sit there and twiddle my thumbs to make these damn police happy up here.. or should i say the thunderbolt cops.. bc they dont have much of nothing to do but bother people bc thunderbolt is such a small town.. errrrrr..... I have had a hell of a day.. but atleast he only gave me a warning.. but i still have a damn court date.. wtf? i dont understand that.. whoa i think this is the most i have ever cussed in one of these things.. sorry just alot of venting going on here..

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You got me thinking hard... [07 Feb 2005|04:59pm]
[ mood | HmM i WoNdEr!!! ]

OKay! well.. "hey it's me" who the heck are you... this is really killing me.. I want to know who you are ... I need to know what people we hung out with.. you said"it was a fun crowd" but what crowd was it? What I mean by that who were the people in the crowd'? bc i didnt hang out with just one crowd.. I liked hanging out with everyone.. ahhh!! Does anyone know who this person is? Or what the "?" is? :( boo! this sux!! haha i want to know who it is.. it is like that one big present under the christmas tree that has your name on it and you cant open it!! The suspense is killing me!! haha I need better clues!! Like what you look like.. what the heck the ? is.. what crowd it was.. ahh something.. my email is babesball75@hotmail.com if you want email and tell me.. or something.. or IM me.. or call my new number is 912 660 5040......

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i like a guy!!! [31 Jan 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | I love this feeling!! ]

So here I am still in Savannah and I cant say it is horrible..bc it isnt at all.. I guess I am finally    adapting to everything.. I have a job now.. it isnt that bad... and the people here are really nice.. I went out Saturday night and had a blast..ehh it sucked though bc i stayed out till 4 didnt go to sleep till 4:30 and i had to be up at 8:30 to take a shower and get ready for work bc i had to be at work at 9:30... ehh I wasnt feeling work at all.. but hey you have to do what you have to do.. anyways I still miss Jax but hey what is new?

Anyways.. I like a guy!!! I love the feeling of liking someone soo much!! haha you know the whole butterfly feeling you get when you see that guy? Haha Wow I am gay.. but no seriously.. my mom pretty much introduced me to him.. and pretty much everyone I am hanging out with.. so mad props to her!! haha .. But yeah.. he is really nice.. and omg wow! HOTT! haha but he is a total sweetheart.. I dont know I am so happy... I hope things can happen between us.. Bc I kinda wanna bf .. I am ready for a relationship I think.. No, I am not sayin I want to rush things... But I am sayin I would like to take things slow and see where things could go between us..Hopefully I will get what I want this time.. Bc it never seems like things always work out for the best with me in the guy department.. which sux behind!!  I mean gee what is wrong with me? Do I smell? am I that ugly? that fat? what??? haha I want to know so I can fix it!! SO people please tell me what is wrong with me!!! I am not asking for pitty!! and this lj isnt meant for pitty.. so dont think that...so yeah anyways... Valentines day is coming up!! I hope and pray I have a Valentime by then!! But I am out like shout! haha woah how gay! later guys!

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Trip down memory lane.. [26 Jan 2005|12:27am]
[ mood | funny how sumthings r the same ]

Hey guys! Well it is kinda late.. but I am up just thinkin about all the stuff i have encountered... Haha I found my old diary from elementry to middle school and lots of old notes.. Haha ... Pretty funny stuff.. It is weird how reading those can sorta take you back into time... You know how everyone is like I wish there was a time machine that could take me backin time.. Well if you really think about it old pictures notes journal entries etc.. are sorta like a time machine..granted you can't change anything of the past but you can recall on what you did and how you felt... Jee in alot of my diary entrees it talked of  Guy  it is weird. Because to be honest .. that crush that has been there for sooo long.. & is kinda still there haha.. Guy is a great guy.. I have known him since 2nd grade.. woah that is a long time.. 10 yrs now!! I hope we remain friends in the future.. It is awesome if you think how long you have been friends with certain people... People come and go throughout your life for many reasons..and some stay.. It is funny how too when i was in middle school how much i felt about guys...I wrote I cant wait to get older to see how the guys are.. haha but from what I wrote in my diary they seem to be the same..Alot of guys still like to play with your emotions..just back then you were over it in a week..now it goes on longer..but yeah...I wonder what life is going to be like once i get into college.. I cannot wait.. I hope I can get into Ga Southern.. I like the campus and everything..I here it is a party school but hey what college really isnt? Oh yeah maybe the one my grandparents want me to go to .. Armstrong.. that is a private college.. from what i hear it is a really hard and good college..but i dont know i have my mind set on GSU... anyways.. I am soo glad i kept all my notes from the past.. haha ex bf notes crushes notes..friends..ahh haha it brought a huge smile to my face to read all of them... Goodtimes... I cant say my life sux.. bc it doesnt.. I have a pretty good past and present... hopefully my future will be good as well.. I know it will only be as what I make it out to be though.. I just have to look at the positive sides of everything! Well I hope everyone in jville is having fun!! I miss you all!! ehh ..i dont even know why i put that noone from jville really sees this except a few!!


Oh I got friends in low places... where the whisky's hot and the beers a chasin the blues away.. and ill be okay... I think that is how it goes.. ehh Im not sure but I do have friends in low places!! haha.. wow I am a nerd!!

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i am only one person... [24 Jan 2005|07:50pm]
[ mood | when will i feel like me again ]

Do you ever think people expect to much of you? Or that jee I am only one friggin person! B/c latly that is all i feel like... I just started a new job last week at the Drift Away Cafe.. and I mean I thought it was pretty cool.. the people are really nice and everything... But this is only my second week and i havnt even finished my full training till tomorrow.. and they already have me on like full time.. I still want to have fun.. I am only a teenager... And I am having my weekends taken away from me.. I work a double all friggin weekend.. 10:30-close and sunday 9:30-close.. then tom and thrus 10:30-3:30 I am only one person.. I didnt get out of high school early to go straight into working hardcore.. I mean I have a life outside of work too.. I wanted to get out of high school early to take a break from everything.. before I have to go into the real world... i know i am complaining but it just seems like everything isnt right.. I miss Jacksonville so much!! and it just seems like i try to make up excuses to make myself seem happy but im not.. I miss all my friends.. i miss somewhat of my old life.. i dont miss the drama but i miss everything else.. It is like I have noone to relate to up here.. I just want to be young and enjoy it.. I dont want to rush my life.. Is that too much to ask? Also I want to find that one guy.. It is like I can never find that one guy.. You always here of people being happy.. but do you ever stop and think jee when is that going to happen to me? I dont know.. I have so much to do and ahead of me.. I have walking at graduation college and so much more.. But hey noone said life was easy,right? Wow i sound so i dont know.. not happy.. and this isnt me.. or is it? Am i that girl taht just smiles on the outside when on the inside i am crying inside? I dont know.. I am out.later days... =/

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[09 Jan 2005|10:36pm]
[ mood | content ]

So this is it.. I am Savannah Ga now.. When i left my hometown of Jacksonville today i didnt realize what alli was leaving behind.. I tried to stay strong and not cry but as i was leaving i found myself crying a river of tears.. I can say I am not going to miss all the drama for a good while and some of the immature people.. but i am going to miss all the fun times i had and all the people i left behind.. yet i know i am going to go back to visit and live one day it is still hard to adjust.. the past last two weeks of mine in jacksonville for a while i had a great time!! NEW YEARS woah what a blast.. my first time at Burbon was a blast.. and I also came to a very mature thought in mind i think too! And in that mindset i feel like a complete brat.. bc we have our people over seas and million miles away from their family and they are not complaining.. but me only 1 hr and a half away from some family and friends and i flip.. that is so selfish... i should have never complained about coming up here. I think this move is going to be a major stepping stone for me and can help me rebuild my relationship with some of my family... You know they say God does things for reasons.. and that saying is sooo true.. and i am glad that i am coming to realize that.. I miss everyone.. even though more then half the people i hang out with cant see this i miss you guys!! lots of luv.. Savannah

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wow!! alot has gone down in the past couple of months... [07 Nov 2004|02:22am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

So here it is now November and next month is DECEMBER!! there is a lot that is going to go down then!! First I graduate early me and BRITTANY LYNNE!(<-- WALKING PARTNER AND VERY GREAT FRIEND!! <3 TO DEATH!!)then i turn 18!!! and christmas!! ahh it is going to be a great month.. i get to see all my familey too!! but besides that point i would like to say i am sorry to a once was very close friend that i miss and still LOVE TO DEATH!!! and that person would be Theresa!! I miss you sooooo much i dont know how i have been deling without you!! me and you use to be attached to the hip now we are like corn and chocolate!! you wont ever catch us together!! it is crazy!! I am soo sorry for being a bitch!! I just serisously miss our late night talks,driving around yelling at guys,picking up guys, wars,walmart..etc!! I miss you!! I miss my friend!! ahh we NEED to hang out soon!!!
on another notes of things i miss another friend of mine!! and it is so weird bc the thing is i talked to him about it today at work and he was like i am still here and you can talk to me but it is different bc he has a girlfriend and i dont know how she would act if i called him all the time or called him period to just talk bc we have kinda a past history till some gay bs went down (me not backing down to his close friend kissing me) idiot i stand... but that is besides the point i dont want that i want the friendship i had with him back!! I could tell him anything .. i mean i have alot of guy friends and friends ..but only certain ones i can feel as if i can say something to and he was one i could defin. tell anything to.. and i loved it.. when everything went down and he asked me why i cared if we didnt talk i didnt really have an answer i just new i couldnt loose his friendship... and now i know it was bc i grew so close and i learned alot about him and he learned alot about me in a matter of time.. i stayed on the phone with him from like 6 in the afternoon to 3 in the morning and for me that never happens but we didnt run out of anything to talk about .. and i miss that i just felt so comfortable to tell him anything about me and my life.. and that is why i couldnt loose our friendship bc i had a great friend!!! and the idiot i am again when he came over to talk about it all i just put a few words in ... he did all the talking my mouth stayed shut!! ahh i am a stupid girl sometimes.. it is just i get so shy but i dont know...
now i guess i am talking to this one guy but i dont know if things will turn out he is really sweet and has pretty eyes!! we will see how things go.. well i am going to go i need my rest!! i love you guys!! <3 savannah

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So long sweet summer... [13 Aug 2004|01:36pm]
Well Well Well.. I have not write in here in FOREVER! Just to update on a few things.. School has started.. so much for summer.. I only have 4 months of high school left and I am sure it is going to go by really fast.. I cannot wait to go to college.. I think where ever I go I am going to try and take some summer classes.. Bc umm that would be kinda smart I think.. BUt yeah... on the guy note of things me and steven are not talking.. is it mean to say that i am relieved?? Bc I think that I am.. There is so much more that I need to focus on then a guy.. needless to say that the main thing is SCHOOL!! this is my last year ..my last 4 months of high school.. so yeah.. then another thing would be that i dont think that me and him really made a match..yeah i think he is a great guy and i still have somewhat feelings for the guy.. but i guess you can say that i dont see us together.. i dont know..maybe that is harsh but i am not going to lie.. so yeah anyways... Tyler and Chris left today to move in there apartment and start their new life down in Orlando.. I already miss them.. I guess I miss Tyler more though bc i hung out and talked to him more then Chris.. but i mean hey atleast i saw both of them before they left.. and hopefully I can take a road trip me and some other people down there and visit them..and like go to islands of adventures or something.. but yeah... so the hurricane is coming..and i have to work!! dear god.. my friggin manager is an asshole.. I tried to call in and he wouldnt have it.. but oh well, so i am gonna go in for a lil while and then probably leave but who knows what is to happen... but i am going to go .. ttyl
much love-
P.S. everyone be safe doing Charlie
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what urp peeps?!?!? [31 Jul 2004|10:15pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Hey everyone!! Whoa!! haha I had a blast the other night.. who knew people just coming over and hanging out could be so fun!! There was more people then planned that came over but i mean it was fun as crap..I learned some new things about Derek that I didnt know before it was pretty sweet... I can relate to him on some of the family topic of things and other things... but i mean it was peaceful bc we just sat by the pool and talked.. I have found that that is one of my favorite parts of the apartment complex..atleast at night.. bc I mean just sitting by the pool at night is just so dang relaxing.. I love it.. but yeah.. I dont know what time everyone left my apartment... like somepeople I do bc some didnt leave till the next day or some left at like 4 or so... but i can say i was tending to some things that night.. it was pretty sweet... I havnt done that since the beging of the summer and I was actually pretty sober by that time and I didnt puke!! whoop da freakin whooop whoop!! :)
On another topic of things.. I am confused still on some things about this one guy.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I WONDER WHO????? I always am lately sayin i dont care.. but i mean actually a side of me cares alot.. B/c I mean I like him.. Yeah I said in last journal something about how i felt like i wasted my summer on one guy but I cannot say that is true... Bc even if we are not talking anymore or if we are.. i dont regret a thing... bc I had fun spending time with him.. and i know that he is a awesome guy.. so yeah.. disregard of that sayin tthat i said..
haha Theresa: "ill just stay the night" hahahaha whoa.. weds night that is all i have to say!! I love you girli.. Im glad things are working out for you.. maybe things will work out for me.. I dont know either way I am not gonna dwell on things.. what happens happens.. whatever does i know it will be for the best... it is just one damn comment really urked me.. the whole shadow thing.. ummm lets see hell eff know!! I am so not a shadow .. I diddt even know that that person was over somewhere... but w.e im out

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girls just wanna have fun... [28 Jul 2004|12:24pm]
[ mood | sometimes i shock myself.. ]

okay... so i have realized that lately i have been limiting all my fun... and that is bc of one guy.. and this one guy i am not even sure if there is anything between us anymore.. i mean i would honestly truely like there is be .. bc i like him alot.. i didnt at first but then i kinda just fell for him.. but i mean i am starting to feel like i did when i first started to fall for him.. and i actually like that.. bc it seems as if i have somewhat more control over my feelings.. tonight the guys that me and theresa met at the beach that one way day ago are coming over to my apartment... i am stoked about it.. it isnt that i want to pursue anything between the blink 182 guy it is just.. i like to hang out with him.. even though i only did once i had fun.. and i mean im sure i will tonight.. I dont know though... I just know that im just gonna try and let things go with the flow... I am gonna take ,my advise i gave someone .. I know it is gonna be tough but i mean there is nothing left for me to do. it is all up to the other person.. i know what i would like to come out of all this but obviously it isnt my decision.. so yesah.. the rest of my summer will be awesome.. i dont think i will be able to go to the warp tour.. :( boo to the whoo.. but i will get over it it is nothing but a thing and i mean i have some responsibilities now anyways.. so oh wells.. but i think i am gonna go now.. i might write again later.. i love this thing.. it takes so much stress off of me..

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